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Pump Up The Volume

If you are an ’80’s baby and you grew up during the cult-teen movie era, Pump Up the Volume is not a new title for you. It is also one of the movies that Christian Slater seems to favor and wants people to remember him by. Although it seems like a favorite for many fans who adores him as well, he will always be known as Jason Dean (JD) from Heathers.

I haven’t seen Pump Up the Volume since the first time I came across it in my early teenage years but as I was searching for old movies, the clips were uploaded to YouTube and it brought back memories.

This is a movie based on the angst teen years of the 90s. This film was released in August 1990, starring Christian Slater as Mark a quiet High School kid who just moved to Phoenix, Arizona. He ran a pirated radio station that speaks to all the kids in the area. They became very addicted and attached to his contents, which somehow turned it into some sort of cult following. This pirated station brought out a more outgoing version of himself as he disguised his voice and calls himself Hard Harry.

In this day and age, Hard Harry would either be a podcaster or a YouTuber.

The school was different, where most students were getting expelled for craziest things such as failing classes, cutting schools, etc. The Principal or dean (what’s her name) was expelling kids to maintain the good record but yet the school was out of control, which is why Hard Harry resonated with the kids in the community.

I won’t be spoiling this movie for anyone who has never seen it but if you find yourself searching up the film, just remember that this movie was made during Christian’s prime. This was the talent that he brought to the table and it showcases the magnificent appeal he has on fans.

I don’t think any other actors can play dark roles, as well as Christian, can. Sometimes I think he has it in him to be these characters that he portrays so well on the screen. It’s relatable.

Check out what Christian Slater has to say about being remembered for Pump up the Volume

I am going to do a listicle of all the actors and actresses that were a part of this movie because I am interested in knowing where they have been after all these years.

As for Pump Up the Volume, I wouldn’t say it is one of my favorite movies by him but I will say it is worth the viewing. I would rate it as one of my top five but I will do a list later, so do not forget to subscribe for updates.

That’s all I have for now. If you’ve seen this movie, let me know what you think of it and if you haven’t, do you think you will check it out?

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