This film virgin will talk about the best Netflix new movies to watch and what is on the amazon movie list. Help her create this blog site to talk about all the five star and one star reviewed movies.

What specifically is a film virgin?

Thank you for asking. Here is the response.

I deem myself a film virgin because I do not put in an abundance of time checking out a film but when I see a film, my thought and evaluation are not leaning towards the discussion. I review the storyline and how the film is produced. I do not follow a studio‚Äôs previous project or who the stars are. I analyze a cinema based on what I know, what I saw, and how well satisfied I am.

What You Can Expect

You can await a deeply un-bias evaluation of upcoming films and adventures. As a novelist who prefers to one day sell a manuscript, I wish to locate a film that I can appreciate. I will not reduce this site and my article to just films. I want to further review TV series and one day, theater projects. Whatever the performers do outside these projects will not echo my reaction.

Why Am I Starting This?

I am just drained of getting five-star reviews on films that are not even entertaining to see and I detest reading one-star reviews on films that warrant more attention. Films have been launched if it bears a solid sponsor that hurts a hole in my pocket. There are a collection of worthless reviews out there and I prefer to keep you, my readers, from wasting your cash on something that you can delay watching.

Where I Will Find My Films?

Whether it is Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or YouTube, I will link the film for your indulgence. You can drop a comment asking me to discuss a specific picture. I will consider all. Now with series, it will apparently be a slower process since I will have to discuss it per episode. Stick around if you are interested in updates.

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