Filmsy Blog want to talk about her traditional good family movies to watch movies to watch on the phone, and her christmas movie list.

Everybody enjoys a pattern. My husband takes a routine of getting up unusually early to hit the gym for 2-6 hours. He has been winding down since work has taken up most of his lazy days but, he’s up and bracing to work those weights when he can. He’s not much of a “tradition” kind of guy but I am a tradition kind of gal.

There are a few films that I view faithfully every Christmas because of sentimental reminders that I have with people who are not here anymore. Some of these films might not be a Christmas theme, but they meant something.

Family Man (2000)

Wicker Park (2004)

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

All Dogs Goes to Heaven (1989)

Gleaming the cube (1989)

Have you ever seen any of these movies? What do you think? Is it something that you would add to your holiday tradition? Let me in the comments below. Until next time. Bye!

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